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New UI to replace QGC

This Cornavirus lockdown has allowed me to catch up on some projects I’ve been wanting to get off the ground.

I am getting real close to completing my UI that will mostly replace QGC. The idea (for now) is QGC will be used for initial setup and then only my UI will be used.

The UI can be moved around and alpha blend with the background.

On the left side, it has 3x expandable tabs that each have dockable widgets.
On the right side you will find the setting tabs. Depending on the tab, it can be set to auto-hide. For example, each time you turn the light up or down, it just shows you the level for one second.

The thruster feedback can also be set outside the widet. (Don’t worry, it won’t fly out of the screen, although tempting)

You can drag and drop these anywhere on the desktop and the application will remember where everything was next time you load. They also have individual alphablend capabilities.

My application also comes with a container that can load any 3rd party software. Such as Ping360. It is loaded with the sonar button on the side.

You can also dock the third party application in the main widget. This can be particularly interesting for positioning, rear facing camera, etc.

My intention is to sell this software 500USD for the basic system that can control a basic BR2. Includes 1 year support and free updates. I’ll have a discount for beta testing.

For video display / recording, you can use whatever you want. I wanted to leave this flexibility to the end user and keep pricing down. That said, I do sell Oceanvault - Recorder and will be coming out with a cheaper more basic version later this year.

Additional widgets will cost extra, contact your supplier for pricing.

For example, this widget is made for SOSUB’s manip skid and exclusively available through them. Get in touch with @DemonRobots for more details.

I also have my own widgets which are free of charge when purchasing equipment from me such as:

Any other widgets development would come at extra cost sold as a plug-in

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions.



Impressive! This is very cool. I really like the widget based structure and the ability to run Ping-Viewer in a widget is awesome! Well done. I think people will be very interested.

Thanks. Its one of those thing that started out as something completely different and as I worked on it I wanted to add a heading / attitude widget like on QGC. It just became too crowded.

Then, once I finished the design of my widget, I figured I could put these tabs, I completely scrapped the original setup and moved to this.

It can tap on your new restapi to get data, udp and com port.

If used with my OV-player, it can get tap on the data during video playback.

I would like the ability to do the same with pingviewer to avoid having to record a video of it.

Looks great; a good clean flexible UI makes all the difference.

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Nice job and very impressive for this software development!! i’m a French research engineer ( CNRS - FRANCE) and we are working on the develpment of a underwater camera autonomous system ( not a rov) to observe high depth ecosystem ( 2000m) in Austral Sea ( near Kerguelen and Crozet Islands). Our system is fixed to mooring line of fishing ships.

Salut Marc,

Je suis Québécois et vis aux Philippines.

Merci pour vos commentaires. Votre projet semble intéressant. Avez-vous des photos?


Bonjour Étienne,

Cela fait plaisir de parler à quelqu’un par les temps qui courent. Je suis responsable d’un groupe de R&D dans un laboratoire de recherches publiques CNRS. Nous collaborons actuellement avec le Muséum National D’Histoires Naturelles ( MNHN - FRANCE) pour l’observation et la cartographie d’écosystèmes marins à très grande profondeur (2000m) dans les mers Australes Françaises. Cette étude a pour objectif de quantifier l’impact écologique des pêches industrielles opérées dans ce secteur ( Palangriers industriels).

Notre prototype doit être manipulés par des marins ( donc costaud, robustesse plutôt que sexy!!).

Notre système embarque une caméra haute résolution, un éclairage à LEDs, le tout piloté par un microcontrôleur embarqué alimenté par des batteries Lithium-Ion. Contrairement aux ROVs, notre instrument est totalement autonome, on récupère la SDCard après la campagne de pêche. Avec notre modèle prototype et des batteries 14.8V-5200mAH, Nous avons une autonomie de 4h30. Nous travaillons actuellement sur un modèle version 2 avec une caméra moins gourmande.

Par contre un ROV à 2000m c’est un rêve que nous avons oublié !! trop de difficultés technologiques et budgétaires!!

A contrario, nus avons des contacts avec des équipes de recherches qui travaillent sur le Lac PAVIN (-92m) en France, la le ROV pourrait s’avérer utile? mais je découvre totalement ce monde technique et technologique sur divers Forums dont celui de BlueRobotics.

Et de ton coté aux Philippines, tu travailles dans quel domaine?

BendiCam_CNRS.pdf (374.4 KB)



Effectivement, c’est un monde très intéressant.

J’ai ma propre business Deltarov.com Je suis distributeur de produits BlueRobotics et construit mes propre ROVs et accessoires.

J’ai travaillé en mers pendant 20 ans dans ce domaine.

Le BR2 peut descendre à 100m sans problèmes. Surement un atout pour le Lac PAVIN.


the User Inteface looks grat and very neat.

hope to get it installed soon.