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Build new UI for QGC

(chengchang) #1


Has anyone tried to rebuild the User Interface of QGC? Like the customized UI for your own ROV using.

And do i have to use QT 5.7.1 to build QGC?


Best Regards

(Patrick José Pereira) #2


You can check QGroundControl Developers Guide, it has all necessary information to allow development in Unix and Windows. If any help is necessary, you can check the gitter channel.

(Jacob) #3

@chengchang2004 Yes, it has been done. Here is an example

(Richard) #4

Whoever did that must be some sort of genius.

(Christian) #5

Agree…this is a Good setup like it shuld be;))…but have No clue how to do;D

(chengchang) #7

Hi, i see that there are couple changes on the QGC UI.

Is this UI designed for the BR2 with Underwater GPS module? Could you briefly introduce the new features to me?

Thank you very much!


(Jacob) #8

This work was done by someone else. I only know about the picture. They are showing which stabilization is active in each mode as well as some things about relative/absolute position.

(Richard) #9

Hi Chang

I actually made those modifications to QGC for a client. Their primary purpose is to display data coming from an acoustic positioning system similar to the Waterlinked GPS system that Blue Robotics sells. This is for a custom ROV that uses the same Pixhawk+RaspberryPi brain as a BR2.

(chengchang) #10

Nice, well done!

I will try to make a similar one.