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Poseidon UI

(Brian) #1

Hey everyone,

I have started work on a new user interface for the ROV which will be hosted on the Raspberry Pi itself. For lack of a better name I am calling it Poseidon after the god of the sea. Initially, this is not designed as a replacement for QGC but more of a supplemental UI for doing some basic configuration and system health checks. I am very early in the build and just have simple things like checking the Pi CPU usage right now, but big plans for the future.


I welcome anyone else who would be interested in joining the development or if you just have ideas to share.

You can check out the current source code (again its early) on github: https://github.com/bwmcclai/Poseidon_UI/

I also have a gitter.im for project specific chatter: https://gitter.im/Poseidon_UI

(Kevin) #2

Hi Brian! Very interesting project and I’m looking forward to using what you come up with.

I’m used to running two screens (maybe 3 in the future) on my ROV setup, so I could definitely display your program when I dive.

I’m still pretty new to the RPi and Linux, but I’ll give this a try when I get home tonight.

(Brian) #3

Just a small update on this project. Thanks to a few of you in this forum, we have simplified the setup process and will continue to make a few changes to help even more! Join the conversation on gitter if you want to be involved or have feature ideas!