Node.JS Application for ROV Control

Hello Guys!

Anyone here who is really good at NODE.JS and project structuring and wanna team up making the ultimate ROV Control Software using only an RPI + the 16 CH PWM Top Hat for RPI?

I can code generally. Have made the RPI turn servos on and off and selecting 1100µS to 1900µS also i have coded a GUI but I am not so good at Node.JS. Other languages can be used but then i might not be so much help :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Toffe

Hello yourself

I am also doing all my programming for the ROV with Node, but I don’t use RPI, I use CHIP. I’m happy to help you but it’s not going to be 100% related. For example, I don’t use the topcoat but an arduino board for the servo controllers.

Having said that, with good dependency injection, the two should be very similar.



Awesome David

I dont know what communication platforms we should use. Currently this is the GUI I’ve designed:

My main goal is to make it kinda “modular” so you can add your own scripts for controlling the motor but still use the “core” in general so it can be used by all the ROV hobbyist.

My main problem is exactly that, i can code the whole thing in one file but that would not make it very much modular or user friendly. Could make a group on FB or something for this so people who just … are interested can join and maybe help, build a private git until we get it working? I dont know :wink:

Nothing is “bind up” so everything i say can be changed if better ideas are available. I’ll hear from you :slight_smile:

  • Toffe

Just created this group if anyone here are in for some coding help and planning around this small “project”: