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First UUV build

I am building a UUV. Currently this is a test platform for another larger UUV I’m planning on building and using this to work the kinks out of. I’m a little lost when it comes to programming, currently I have a RPI (running ROS kinetic) hooked up to 3 Arduino nanos for PWM control of 4 servos and a ESC, However I have some pixhawks laying around and have been thinking of replacing the nanos with a Pixhawk loaded with ArduSub. Thing is I don’t understand how to change the thrusters into servos for fin control. I will upload pictures later. I have my UUV mk1 90% built and am chomping at the bit to get it in the water.

![130979852_203741514536330_4668609671062913018_n|666x500](upload://e7lyDvQC3IOWzACCKgz9SKXDd4 .jpeg)