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My custom ROV is Shutting Down after the motors stop. it is also sometimes uncontrollable

(Jay Abraham) #1

i am having a huge problem with the ROV. before i begin, i am going to explain how it is designed. i am using 4 T100 motors. 2 of which are using the New R3 flat ESC and the other 2 are using the retired ESC with the black heat shrink. I am also using 2 Bilge Pump Motors to go up an down and that is controlled by an 2 x 12 RC saber-tooth motor controller (it is brushed not brush less). when ever i push the left joystick on my Logitech f170, it goes at full speed. and i most cases it just stays on so i have to disarm it. In most cases, when i let go of the joystick, the motor immediately stops and the whole things just shuts down. the motors doesn’t even decelerate. my team and i think it is because of the massive voltage drop. we think this because when the motors comes to a stop, that essentially immediately stops all of the electrons in the wire. is there anyway in qgroundcontrol to tell the saber tooth to decelerate when the user lets go of their finger on the joystick.

The Raspberry Pi is shutting down because of the AMP spikes
(Jacob) #2

Does the same thing happen if the user slowly moves the joystick back to the center?

You can see the signal being sent to each motor by going to Widgets->Mavlink inspector->SERVO_OUT_RAW

You can also print a graph of these signals with the Analyze widget. See if the slope of the signal has anything to do with the crazy behavior.

If you can provide more details like wiring diagrams, and pictures of your electronics and wiring, links to the parts you are using and their specifications (I don’t know what a sabertooth controller is or how it works), you will be able to get better help.

(Jay Abraham) #3

i am using these bilge pump for going up and down. we had to use these motors because of cost constraints. what do we have to do to the pixhawk or Qgroundcontrol. if you need anymore info please reply as soon as you want. i did not draw all of the t100 motors in the drawing but they are attached in channels 1-4 while the sabertooth is connected in channels 5 and 6

(Jay Abraham) #4

i am having a major problem. when i push the joystick on my logitech f310 game controller to its fullest extent the motors go at its max speed but when i bring the joystick down to the center the motors immediately stop and that causes the raspberry pi to shut down. i think it is because of the voltage flucuations that is caused by the motors. i do want to make clear that my rov does not use ALL t100 but instead it uses 4 t100s and 2 bilge pump motors. i control those motors using a 2x12 rc sabertooth. the problem is that when the bilge pumps turn on on full throttle and then turn off, that action causes an amp spike (i think) which then shuts down the Raspberry pi.

(Jacob) #5

If the motors connected to the 2x12 sabertooth are going 0-100, it sounds like you are missing some configuration or setup is not right with that motor controller. You should contact the maker of that component for help on how to use it. Try to get a power supply that can supply more current, that will prevent the voltage from dropping and making the electronics reset. I’ve explained to you how to confirm that the input signals are not correct (and are not instantly going 0-100). Please use one thread to talk about this problem.