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Hello, my introduction and Question

Hello, I very new to ROVs and currently building my first using ideas from blue robotics. I am 11 and still learning so if you do respond please be nice. I am looking to use an Arduino for my controller, am using Brushless & ESCs flashed to bi-directional. I put the code from blue robotics GitHub on to my Arduino. my problem is: The motors idle when I move around the joystick is spins fast then reboots the esc. Any ideas? Thank you for any help.

What type of motors are you using and how many motors are there and what are you using for a power source? Maybe the voltage is dropping too low for the ESC’s?

first thanks for you reply.
I am using 3- MultiStar V-Spec 1808-2400KV with Littlebee 30A blheli escs
12v AGM battery

voltage drop not I don’t know how to check for that…

If you have a multimeter you can probe while under heavy thrust and watch it. Do you know the amp hours of that battery? If not, what size is it roughly? Anyway, you can also try disconnecting all thruster except for one and see if it improves.

I will try that. -12 Volt 15 Ah Battery