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Sabertooth Motor Driver for Bilge Pump motor instead of ESC

i want to build another ROV but i do not want to buy more T100s because they are very expensive but i do have an abundance of 1000 GPH bilge pump motors. they are brushed motors so i cant use an ESC on them. i tried connecting a 2 by 12 rc sabertooth to them but it was pretty glitchy. is there another way for me to control these motors effectively by using QGC and a logitech F310 joystick. are there any single motor h bridge motor drivers that you might recommend.

Hi @jjabraham,

Actually, you absolutely can use an ESC to drive the brushed bilge pump motors. You just need a brushed ESC, and if it used the same PWM range as the ArduSub default (1100-1900 μs, neutral at 1500 μs), you won’t even have to do any software adjustment.


I will point out that the sabertooth motor controller is a brushed ESC, and one that I think is well regarded in terms of quality. You should talk with sabertooth about getting it to work correctly.

That’s WONDERFUL!!! thank you so much