Has anyone discovered any cheap esc’s comparable with Ardusub?

I’m looking to build an rov on a budget and buying 8 BlueROV basic esc’s isn’t a viable option, has anyone discovered any other cheaper esc’s comparable with the platform?
Thanks In and advance!

Hi @commanderkazakov,

If you’re building an ROV on a budget it would seem (to me at least) to make more sense to use fewer thrusters rather than a set of 8 thrusters just with cheaper components. It’s not something I’ve looked into extensively, but as I understand it cheaper ESCs would generally be limited to lower power outputs, from using lower rated components.

Regardless, if you do go looking for some alternative ESCs, for them to be compatible with ArduSub you’ll want them to be bi-directional and controlled by a servo-style PWM signal.

If it’s relevant, ESCs running the BLHeli_S firmware (like our Basic ESC) can be set to use our configuration file. We also used to provide a tgy firmware, but that’s no longer something we maintain or support, and I’m not sure if any of the ESCs it used to work on are still being produced.