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Blige pumps with pixhawk & Ardusub?

This might be a dumb question, but can you use a bilge pump with pixhawk? What type of motor controller would need to be used?

thanks for all the help

Hi @brewin,

Yes, you can just use a brushed ESC/motor controller that responds to standard RC style PWM signals to drive a bushed bilge pump.


Thanks Adam.

Any budget friendly options that you’d suggest?


Hi @brewin,

My team used Pololu brushed motor controllers in our ROV for the MATE competition back in high school, and they worked great. Any hobby RC brushed ESC like these from Hobbyking will also work fine. Make sure to choose a controller that fits your voltage supply and motor current draw requirements.


do you think it is possible to use Double BTS7960B or L298N motor drivers? just asking as I have access to these.