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DIY boat configuration

Hello all,

Im new and very beginner. Im using pixhawk 4, basic esc, T200 thrusters and control it using joystick. We try to configure it but fail, may anyone guide us step by step to configure using mission planner. Really appreciate your help.

Hi @halim
The step-by-step instructions for configuring a boat with Mission Planner are in the ArduRover documentation.

I haven’t manipulated Rover/Boat settings since around 3.2 in 2016. A lot of things have changed since then so you may want to ask for assistance in the ArduRover forum section. The members over there are also familiar with our hardware, but I do check in frequently.

thank you for answer. we succes to spin the thruster using rcpassthru. is it ok using rcpassthru?

what model that you can suggest for servo steering?
now we use Tactic tsx55 but still can’t steer.

It sounds like you have setup the thruster correctly. If it works, then rcpassthru ok. You won’t break the ESC.

We don’t really have any good recommendations for RC controllers as we at Blue Robotics don’t really use them. I had a Spektrum DX8 G1 when I was doing boat projects.

Hi Kevin,

There was misunderstanding, im looking for servo to steer right and left. May you suggest any model?

For boats, we usually recommend waterproof servos. We carry all the Hitec models in our store.

If any amount of water gets inside a regular servo, it will fail due to the exposed electronics, so although these don’t have any depth ratings, they are waterproof and will do well for boats.