Adding Servo Rudder Steering to a Blue Boat

What would the process be for modifying the BlueBoat to work with one motor and a rudder servo instead of skid steering? The controls have to be modified for a specific application where skid steering will not work. So far I have disabled one motor and added a Ground Steering servo in the parameters, I’m getting an error “pre arm check skid steering config” due to one motor being disabled. I’m not seeing a way to reconfigure it to work without skid steering using the boat frame.

Hi @Noah, welcome to the Blue Robotics forum :slight_smile:

This is an autopilot configuration question for a control type that Blue Robotics doesn’t directly support, so I expect you’ll likely get better responses to this kind of question in the more general ArduPilot forum, which includes an ArduBoat category.

From the documented output functions, I’d guess you need to change the non-disabled motor to a generic Throttle output rather than one of the left/right sided throttle outputs that are dedicated to skid-steering vehicles - hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @Noah -
I’m very curious why your application isn’t possible with skid steering! The BlueBoat turns in place, and is very maneuverable. Can you share more on what’s motivating you to install a rudder?