T500 thruster and cube orange

I’m over my head in this topic so I need some help
I have a t500 and a cube orange. 12 volts setup for an rov I’m making
No clue as to how to set up my little boat in terms of wiring software etc
Any help?

Hi @Tony123 -
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It seems you’d like to build a autonomous/uncrewed surface vessel? If you’re only using one motor for propulsion, you’ll need a servo and a rudder to control the vehicle’s direction. You could combine your autopilot with a Raspberry Pi 4 running BlueOS, or use our Navigator instead of the cube orange. You’d then setup your vehicle as a boat running ArduRover, and configure it for whatever steering method you’ve selected. You can then drive the system via RC controller / receiver, or via a TCP/IP link provided by WiFi radios, as is done with the BlueBoat.
If you peruse the available documentation and still have questions, please share them here!

That’s right, I ordered a servo online. I already have the cube orange and for autonomous data transfer I also bought an iridium modem thingy. But there’s also an RC radio modem I have with a controller.
There was a really helpful German guy I paid but hes ignoring my messages now. I bought two Here gps units as well.
Which connectors go in where? I downloaded ardupilot

Hi @Tony123 -
Checkout the documentation provided for the Ardurover project. You’ll install the correct firmware on your pixhawk, and connect your (reversible) ESCs to channels 1 and 3. You’ll want connect a GPS to the cube orange as well. An RC receiver can connect for direct control, but if you want telemetry in QGround Control you’ll need a telemetry link, from either a dedicated serial radio or a WiFI connection to a companion computer, connected to the cube orange and running BlueOS.
You may find better help on this forum!