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Wireless Vectored control

I assume you can do it but how easy is it to make 4x bluerobotics thrusters (in vector formation under a floating vessel) Radio controlled. I assume the speed controllers take Servo signal but the mixing of the motors for forward, back, lat left etc would be done through which board? the bluerobotics one? and does that board take an RC input?

This post is relevant.

The pixhawk (autopilot/control board) is capable of it, but ArduSub (the firmware bluerobotics uses for their ROVs) “has no concept of RC receivers.” You’d likely want to use ArduBoat/ArduRover, which are set up for radio input, but from a brief look at the github issue linked to in that post, it seems like vectored motors aren’t yet supported there, so it won’t be plug-in simple, but it might not be too crazy for you to add the relevant ArduBoat firmware modifications if you use ArduSub’s vectored thruster code as a reference.

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Thanks Eliot. thanks for that will look into it

Hi guys,

Take a look at the Omni Vehicles section of ArduRover’s documentation. I believe that is what you are looking for, they just use different name.

Note that in the RC world, unlike in the ROV world, “thrust vectoring” usually means redirecting thrust around like in rockets or fighter jets.
Something like this: