Bluerobotics Thrusters with Ardurover


I am currently building an omni-directional USV using the dev-build of Ardurover, and the T100 thrusters. I have wired the rov as instructed however when testing the thruster, I get no response. Do I have to make some adjustments when using t100 thrusters and ardurover with the usual set up? Or is there something wrong with my wiring?

I have included a picture here.

Check the servo output value when the vehicle is disarmed by looking at the MAVLink telemetry data field SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW.

These ESCs are programmed for reversible operation, and require a pulse of 1500 microseconds to be considered neutral and subsequently armed (this is relatively uncommon). There should be some option for ardurover to set the pwm output type appropriately for these escs, you will get more help at

Hi, All the values for SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW are 1500. That is what it should be, no?

Yes, and these values should be not equal to 1500 when you expect the motors to move.

Well, that would be the problem. The servo outputs are not changing…

Please check with the other ardupilot guys about how to correctly configure the parameters for your operation.j

Ping @kklemens, he may know off-hand.

@reza I agree with @jwalser, your wiring looks correct, but I’m not quite sure why your PWM outputs aren’t changing when you give it a movement command. You can verify your ESC and electrical thruster side with a servo tester.

I know that omni-boats are pretty experimental and the code may not be all there. I see you already posted in the ArduBoat forum.

I tested the esc and thruster, with an arduino, and they all are responding fine.

People have gotten the omniboat working so I don’t know quite what’s up. Hopefully, i find the fix quickly.

Do you have your power bus bar (power for ESCs) grounded to the servo rail on the pixhawk? I have gone on some wild goose chases getting equipment to work…just something to check…