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T200 thruster will rotate on its own after initializing, no input signal

Hi, I have 4 T200 thrusters with BR-R3-ESC’s connected to an Arduino 2560. The program uses the standard servo library and code. Each are initialize in set-up and are sent the correct values in loop. The hardware set-up is two 2/axis thumb-sticks.

*UP:1100, STOP:1500, DOWN:1900 + Roll L/R & 100 microseconds of dead-band
*REV:1100, STOP:1500, FWD:1900 + YAW L/R & 100 microseconds of dead-band

Problem: The ROV is powered up, thrusters are initialized and there is zero input at the sticks(1500ea) but the thrusters will rotate on their own at low speed for about a sec at random intervals.
Is there away to detach the thrusters until another signal is sent?

Hi @Marcus.33,

The Basic ESC R3 actually does not have an explicit dead-band, and outputting more than a couple microseconds above or below 1500 μs will result in the ESC starting to drive the thruster. Exactly 1500 μs is needed for full neutral. You can also get the ESC to de-initialize and require another initialization by sending it an invalid signal, which I believe is above 2500 μs or below 500 μs, or nothing at all (0).


@Marcus.33, Try adjusting your 1500 neutral signal to be 1510, 1515 or so and see if you can get neutral with some offset. There are a lot of factors as to why you might need to offset the signal in your program, but in the end it is an analog signal that needs to be calibrated.

Thanks for the quick response. The program was set at 1500 microseconds at centre stick. Then I adjusted that value +/- 5 until the thrusters stop randomly rotating. A value of 1490 has solved the problem.
Thanks Adam & Jacob for the excellent info,