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ESC Basic Setup for Skid Steering in Pixhawk Boat

(Julio Durand) #1

Hi. I have 4 M100 motors (2 left, 2 right) and 4 Basic ESCs R3 Version, and I want to setup a boat in Pixhawk in Skid Steering mode.
Can someone help me in giving me the configuration data to be able to achieve it? Thank you!

(Kevin) #2

@juliodurand You’ll want to follow the ArduRover Motor and Servo Configuration setup for “Skid Steering”.

I haven’t played with Rover setups since 2016 and quite a few versions ago, so you may want to start a thread in the ArduPilot - ArduBoat category if you have setup questions, there are quite a few current topics there.

(Julio Durand) #3

Thank you very much Kevin. I will review the Arduboat category.
Best regards.