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MSVCR120.dll missing

I have my BlueROV2 up and running on one laptop but after a clean up of older, Windows 7 laptop, when I connect sub to it the Control says MSVCR missing - what version of Visual C++ Redistributable do I need to run to get it back?

Hello @BillR,

We do not support older versions of Windows. Windows 10 is a requirement to run the software. Please let us know if you have any trouble on Windows 10.

Thanks Jacob, that explains it so won’t persevere down that route. Cheers.
Only other oddity I am getting is that 1 or 2 lights occasionally flash and can stay on, voltage and battery power was fine. This happened during bench testing.

Ok, Please let us know if the problem with the lights continues after you move to Windows 10. If it does, please make a short video to demonstrate the problem.

Will connect up on table and get video, this was with a new Windows 10 laptop though.