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Motor-tab in QGroundControl / lights out

(Erik) #1

Trying to set-up my BlueRov2 for the first time. According to the manual there should be a “motors”-tab under vehicle setup in QGC but it is not there. Wanted to change the direction on one of the thrusters but could´t. Changed the propeller physical instead. How can I get the motors-tab visible?

The lights doesn´t work and found out that I might need to load vehicle parameters in the frame-tab. However got error-code trying to load the parameters (code 90). What could be wrong?


(Jacob) #2

You should not need to load any parameters, they are set up correctly in our shop.

Please make sure you have done the ‘Update software’ step in the software setup instructions. Let me know if you still have trouble after that.

(Erik) #3

Thanks, the motor tab is there after update of the software, however the lights doesn´t work. I got power to the first lumen light and yellow signal cable is in the channel 7 slot. Lights configuration is lights 1 = channel 7, lights 2 = disable,

The XBOX buttons 13 and 14 are configured to dimm lights 1.

Tried to load parameters but still got the error message 99 (“param file github json download: failed during download”).

(Jacob) #4

You need to have one button to increase brightness, and one button to decrease brightness. Can you please save your parameters to a file, and send them to me?

(Erik) #5

QGC_parameters_180710.params (20.1 KB)

Button 14 is to increase brightness and 13 to dimm the lights.

(Jacob) #6

@eriklofgren I’ve PMed you to arrange a meeting to fix this issue.

(Erik) #7

I get back to you as soon as i am back at office.

Thanks for your help!

(Jacob) #8

The problem turned out to be that the lights signal wire was plugged in upside down.