Monitoring and Filter Truster Current and propeller Speed

I am designing Electronics between the PixHawk output and the six Trusters.
It will check/Adjust the propeller Speed and Current output to each Truster.
It acts as a Filter/Monitor/Error check of the Trusters.
My Question is How to connect my filter computer (PIC32) serial so I can see the data from it to the Ground PC ?
Best Regards Nils

Hi @nilswihlborg, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Assuming you have an onboard Raspberry Pi computer or similar, you should be able to connect a serial output of your microcontroller either to some of the GPIO pins or via a serial to USB converter. From there you could either:

  1. use the serial bridges service that’s built into BlueOS to forward the serial data to the control station via UDP
  2. use a USB bridging service like VirtualHere or USBIP to present your serial to USB adapter as though it is connected directly to your control station computer,
    • both of those are available as existing BlueOS extensions, that can be installed on your onboard computer
  3. write code (e.g. in your own BlueOS Extension) that processes your data and sends some aggregate information and/or an interface up to the control station computer

So I can communicate by connecting the Pi serial port to my Mcu ?

Communication requires:

  1. Having hardware that can process and send the relevant signals
    • The Raspberry Pi and your PIC have a serial port
  2. Configuring the hardware to do that
    • The PIC side is handled in your firmware, and the RPi side is likely already set up
  3. Connecting the devices
    • You can do this by connecting the serial ports together :+1:
  4. Running software/firmware on each end, so they can talk to each other
    • You’ll need to write code / flash/install/configure software for this part


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Thank you for question ,I also facing the same problem.