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Question: How do I connect Pixhawk to Arduino Mega to Rockblock?

Hi there,

I am looking for some direction on connecting my Pixhawk to Arduino Mega to Rockblock modem. I cannot seem to find any diagrams out there. I have seen some info for a Raspberry Pi, but nothing for Mega. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am building an ocean drone for the Microtransat competition. The design is a single motor for thrust, single servo for the rudder.

Hi Eric,

The Blue Robotics ROV system uses Pixhawk with a Raspberry Pi, so this is a bit outside my realm of experience. In saying that, searching online for pixhawk arduino yielded this guide and this topic, both from the more general ArduPilot forum.

I haven’t used a RockBLOCK modem before, but their website indicates it’s compatible with Arduino and most computers, using either serial or a USB port. This seems to be an official arduino library for it.

Sounds awesome! If you’re able to it’d be cool if you could provide some updates as you go (or just at the end if you want) in our build category :slight_smile: