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UUV pixhawk stepper motor

Looking at using a pixhawk in my UUV. I’d like to figure out a way to measure speed through water using a closed loop stepper motor. Has anyone done this before? If I can’t get this to work I may try and figure out how to use a rotary encoder and paddle to hook up to the pixhawk’s airspeed port. And last question, how do you configure a custom frame? I just want to replace 4 motors with servos for fins and run the stepper motor driver from the pixhawk.

Hi @Ianth3impaler,

Unfoturnately there is not support in Ardupilot for Stepper motors.

The instructions for a custom frame are here.

Master recently got support for NMEA speed sensors merged. Maybe something like that could help you. Or maybe a DVL?

I am going to use a rotary encoder on the brushless motor now to measure distance traveled. Just need to figure out how to take that feature from adrurover.