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Mavlink2REST not receiving events

I have installed mavlink2rest on my Ubuntu 19.10 laptop. It is working fine with SITL autotest. I can see events and execute some requests successfully.

But when I plug the ROV with the tether, there is no incoming events on: (“mavlink2rest -v” does emit any message). Same on: -> reponse is empty {}
But QGC can still connect and control the ROV.

Recently, I have upgraded the companion software to version 0.0.22 and kept Ardub version to 3.5.4. I have also upgraded mavlink2rest on the PI companion to version 0.9.0. The service is active according to

Is there something I missed ? Any ideas ? Thank you.

Note, I have not modified the default network configuration:

–cmd=“set heartbeat 0”
–out udpin:localhost:9000
–out udpout:localhost:9002
–out udpin:
–out udpbcast:
–aircraft telemetry
–streamrate 10

I had a similar issue and it was because the SERIAL0_PROTOCOL value for the PixHawk was set to MAVLink1 and it should be set to MAVLink2 in QGC.

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Thank you very much ! It works.

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