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I want to using MAVLink REST API in companion version 0.0.17 #361

My ROV companion version is 0.0.17, but MAVLink REST API is available in version 0.0.19.
My boss do not want to update the companion version, is there any method to using MAVLink REST API without update?
Thanks for Apply!


It’s recommended to have it via the update process, but if you want to do it manually, be aware that is not recommended and can result in problems :slight_smile:
Now, with that said, the necessary steps to add mavlink2rest in old systems are:

  1. Apply this patch
    • If you are applying the patch manually and not using git, make sure to also download the binary to the same path.
  2. Update the binary to the last version (0.8.0 now)
    • Any arm option should work for you, armv7 may be better
  3. Make sure to be running mavlink2 in ardusub for serial communication, check mavlink rest api information page in ardusub for further instructions.
  4. Restart and check the port:
  5. Enjoy it

Let it us know if it works

Thanks for your advice !
I have done it follow your procedure, the mavlink2rest server is up, but there is no message return, that must something wrong in mavproxy.

There is two thing should be notice.

  1. I have to add the exec permission to the mavlink2rest binary
  2. After update the mavproxy.param.default file, we need to click the Restore Default Options button in this page.


It works!
This is the steps

  1. Connect to the ROV
  2. Open QGC
  3. Select parameters
  5. Change it from MAVLINK1 to MAVLINK2
    Thanks for your solution!

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