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MAVLink REST API Information

During this Coronavirus lockdown, we are setting up a BlueROV to be deployed in a High School swimming pool and that can be controlled through a web interface by anyone. Since we want to implement some controls and not allow more than one user to be connected at any given time, we have built a proxy by which the user connects through to control the ROV. We have had difficulty finding documentation on the commands/messages that are transmitted to the ROV through QGC. Would you be able to direct us to more detailed information? This same system will be used for our 1000m BlueROV once its redeployed into the Monterey Bay.

Similarly/Additionally, We some notes about MAVLink REST API but is that only show data from ROV to QGC or is it two way? Also, is there more documentation other than this?

Thank you!

Hi Stephen,

We don’t have guides for remote operation right now via internet, but you can check some links in our issue report.

The MAVLink REST API (mavlink2rest) that companion contains is a stable version and only provides GET methods. The last version of mavlink2rest (0.6) allows both GET and POST methods, you can read more about it here, but be aware that’s an unstable version that was not fully tested and deployed in companion. For binaries, source code and further instructions check here.

Thank you Patrick,
This did have some good information though we are still struggling with some basic movement commands. My developer Bill is going to post some more specific questions as well.

Have you tried downloading Parsec? If you host PC is a good quality gaming PC then this should do the trick. Just unplug the game pad form the host and it will detect the gamepad on the client PC