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Low budget Winch

(Christian) #1

…here is something i am trying to make working… 300m in figure of 8 was not as easy as i thought…so i got “Distracted” ;D …its a Normal winch for garden hoses that i have modified and installed a slipring in… cost will be about 50$ plus som small parts to widen it out…no its not finished if someone wants to comment on that;)

(Kevin) #2

That was pretty much how I built my first one years ago. Before we had the Fathom Spool, everyone kinda made up their own tether management system, whether it was a box or a reel.

Just a note about these cheap sliprings, they aren’t water resistant. If they get splashed or water drips on them, they will rust, seize up and sever the small wires. Happened to me a few years ago.


We use the figure 8 for our potable water only BlueROV2 as we need to be able to adequately spray disinfectant on it - we found that 300 metres was OK doing that.