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New electrical winch

Hi guys,

I am building a winch for a client in Sweden. I wanted to share some pictures.

This is what it will look like when complete:

It can be equipped with electrical slipring and or fiber slipring.

I’ll post a video when I got it running.



Superb !!

Wow, @etienne, that is quite impressive. Those anodized aluminum parts are huge! What is the upper part of the frame for? It looks like it has lights or cameras?

The upper part is for IP cameras and lights :slight_smile: This way you can see whats happening on the drum and in the water.

Good looking winch!
Is that a stepper motor operated level wind on the top/front of the frame?
How much weight it is going to haul?


It is a stepper motor + guide for CNC mahine. it can handle a surprising amount of side load.

The main BLDC drive can handle 22Nm. So top wrap will have theoretical 98Nm and bottom wrap 278Nm. Max speed is 200RPM but not sure if I will allow it to go this fast. I’ll have to test it when I get there. I was looking at another motor that could do 150Nm but it was a bit too heavy and I didn’t want to sacrifice too much tether.

This is not a load bearing winch. Its going to be strong enough to handle tether management but the break is electrical.

I went this way for several reasons:

  • Weight considerations
  • Maximize the amount of tether
  • No certifications required
  • etc

So its not to launch and recover the ROV. For that I call sell a hoist + basket.

I also designed (not yet built) a latching system + bullet but that would be for bigger ROVs…