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Electrical winch

Hi guys,

While I am waiting on parts, I did a bit of research and I started drawing the first draft of my electrical winch.

Most of it will be made from POM. It will be designed with a motor inside the drum which will also turn the level wind via a chain.

This first winch will be for surface operations but I am also paying special attention to the possibilities of having the electrics oil filled for subsea use for an eventual TMS.

Of course, I am looking at keeping everything as cost effective as possible.



Do you have POM machining facilities there? If not I can recommend someone who is really good and does one offs etc etc.

Hi Kent,

We’re all geared up over here.

Is your contact in Asia?


No, in Germany.

Hi guys,
your draft is awesome Etienne. I did a lot of work in this topic for my company in order to move a multi parameter probe within the water column of lakes for example.
I am about to start a second development cycle after building a prototypish winch. I am going to start working self employed in march and one of my services will be the ongoing development of the winch.
This is why i was thinking to get in touch with you and share experiences.

Also @TinyDiver i’d be interested in the company you were talking about - as i am also from Germany and good plastics work is always welcome.

So if you are interested in sharing thoughts and experiences i’d be happy to proceed this thread.

All the best

BTW i also plan to offer diving inspections with a ROV - which in my mind will be a BlueROV2. I owned an OpenROV till september last year and sold it because i wish to have a BlueROV2 one day.


Hello Tobias,

Many thanks for your comments. I design these thing with my business. I welcome inputs but don’t plan on helping people design a competing product…


Hi Etienne,
i guess you somehow got me wrong. I haven’t expected this attitude of competition on this forums. I just wanted to let you know that i have experience in this field and did a lot of work already. Thats why i offered you to share thoughts and experiences. But obviously you seem to prefer one way knowledge transfer. Input welcome but not vice versa.

If you have any question or just need to discuss anything with reference to your electrical winch don’t hesitate to proceed here.

all the best

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I am sorry but I don’t accept that. Go have a look at the build section of the forum. You will see that I give the full recepe of some of the builds I make.

But this one has commercial value and my business don’t run on likes and shares.

Read my other posts, you’ll see that I am one of the few, besides blue robotics employees, that answer questions.

There’s a difference between welcoming and asking for input. Those won’t change my design. So not sure what one way knowledge you are talking about.

This is the build section. I’m showing what I’m building. I don’t owe you anything because I’m posting here.

Some builds I share some others I don’t. That’s my own perogative.

But hey, if my presence on this forum is received negatively, I’ll just stop wasting my time.

After the generosity I’ve shown on here this makes me upset.

@etienne - We greatly appreciate all of the things you’ve shared on this forum and it’s always awesome when our customers are able to help each other. Of course, we only want people to share what they are comfortable sharing and that is up to each forum member.

Keep up the great work!

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i am sorry. i never meant to make you upset nor stop posting on this forum even.
For me this conversation feels like a big misunderstanding and i hope it won’t influence you negativeley on working with this community.

I again sincerly apologize for any bad feelings i caused by my posts.
And thank you for all the work you have published.


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