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LOG_BITMASK for Magnetometer and depth sensor


(jakkala kalvik) #1

Hi, I want get IMU_RAW, RCIN, RCOUT , MAG, BAR sensor information from the dataflash but QGroundControl LOG_BITMASK parameter only has check boxes for IMU_RAW, RCIN, RCOUT.It records MAG and BAR/Depth by default I just don’t need everything else but these 5 parameters. Does anyone know how to setup the bitmask to get only these 5 parameters in the dataflash?

(Jacob) #2

If you have updated your software, you should see options for Compass (MAG) and Barometer (BAR) and everything else. You can also calculate what your bitmask should be by adding up the numbers you want here, then typing that number in to the parameter value from the Parameters tab of the Vehicle Setup page. You can also use mavlogdump.py and mavextract.py to take an existing log, and filter entries according to the IDs and conditions you want. These tools can dump the desired entries into another log file or other useful formats like .csv and .json.