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How to get the IMU data in BlueRov2 using Matlab


This is my first question in this community.

I would like to use Matlab to get IMU data from the Qgroundcontroll data log.

I’m trying to get the data using fopen and fread but it doesn’t work.
I believe there is a problem with the data type, such as int8.

So I would like to ask about the data types of the BlueRov binary files.
Also, if you know of a solution using Matlab, please let me know.


Hello @cymal6,

Welcome to our forums!

the QGC recorded logs (often reffered to as .tlog files) are almost a raw stream of MAVLink. So you will need a parser for that. One option is to use mavlogdump to export all this data as csv.

Also note that you can get much more detailed information from the dataflash logs (stored in the sd card). Luckly, mavlogdump is able to handle these logs too.


Thanks for answering.

I’ll deal with the ROV based on your helpful advice.

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