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I want to get the sensor information form bluerov2 in myself QT progrom but not QGC, how do i do?

I have written a QT progrom to send achieve my personal goals, and now I want to get sensor information(leak sensor ,camrea,et al) from rov, I have known that QGC can do that , but I want a lightweight client to read these informations. And QGC using mavlink to communicate with raspberry Pi, I know the key point is to know the protocol in the communication. But now I have no idea how to do that, is anybody can give me some instruction to finish my work? Thanks for your reading, any word would help me!

Hi @BGMjie,

I recommend to take a look in the official mavlink website.

My best regards,

Hi @patrickelectric
I have read this link, but I still have no idea how to do my job.
Is there some github source code(form QGroudControl) can be my reference?

And is something like communication diagram there can help me to understand how the communicate between raspberry pi and QGC work?

Thanks for your reply, I am sincerely grateful!

Hi @BGMjie,

Did you take a look in the oficial mavlink example ? There is a couple of snippets that can be used to decode mavlink messages via serial or UDP that explain the basic functionality.

For the communication diagram, you can take a look in ardusub.com, where we describe the software architecture.

You can do it with python. try this code :

You can change the RAW_IMU section and collect different sensor data.


Thanks for your apply.
I have already solved this problem by send a RESTful request to MAVProxy and then got a JSON object.
There is anything all I need in the object, the only thing I need to do is parise the object and display on QT mainwindow