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QgroundControl - Incert Data from External GPS & Depth Sensor


Our company has purchased a Bluerov2 which communicates excellent with a laptop with Ubuntu that has QGroundControl installed in it (so far so good).

In the project we are working right now we also need to use an external GPS and depth sensor which are mounted on a boat. Assuming we can read the data from the 2 sensors with a Raspberry Pi, how can we insert these data to QGroundControl of our main computer (laptop)?

In general we want to have one interface/GUI (QgroundControl) and show all the data inside it (both from BlueRov and the 2 external sensors).

Thanks in advance

Hi @palmos, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

QGC listens for mavlink messages on port 14550, so in your script you should be able to use pymavlink to connect to and send messages to QGC, as covered in the “Read & Send Script” subsection of this post. You can test the connection with a message like

master.mav.statustext_send(mavutil.mavlink.MAV_SEVERITY_NOTICE, "Qgc will read this".encode())

which QGC should read out loud when it arrives.

Understandably you’ll need to be using the relevant gps and depth messages instead of the named_value_float message I was using in that post, and there’s a section called “Send GPS Position” towards the bottom of the pymavlink page I linked to above :slight_smile:
For the depth message, you can look in the mavlink common message set to find the appropriate message to send :slight_smile:

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