Write real time sensor data

Hello, to give some context, I’m building an AUV with my university’s robotics team, we have an ROV ready as a prototype. It uses a PX4, some BlueRobotics components, and QGC. I was wondering if it is possible to write sensor data to something like a .json in real time so our external interface can display/parse it.

Since it’s an AUV, the interface will be used during testing, meaning everything is available locally. (json file with sensor data, GQC, and the interface)

I found this, though I don’t think it’s exactly what I’m looking for (excluding the fact that it’s not a json file specifically, that doesn’t matter).

The document mentions streaming which presumably means sending data over to a server or something of that sort, which is not my case.


Thanks in advance.

Hi @HasanTheSyrian, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

This isn’t particularly descriptive:

  1. PX4 is an autopilot firmware, not a flight controller board, and isn’t something we can support on this forum (there’s the PX4 forum for questions related to that)
    • Are you perhaps using a Pixhawk 4, which is a flight controller that can run PX4 as well as various ArduPilot firmwares?
  2. Does your vehicle have a Raspberry Pi Onboard Computer running BlueOS?
  3. QGC supports different things depending on the firmware you’re running
    • If you’re planning to access the data from the control station computer that you’re running QGC on then you may wish to look into the MAVLink forwarding option in QGC, in which case you can write a program to read the MAVLink telemetry stream from the vehicle and convert them into whatever format you want

QGC’s console logs are for debugging issues with running the QGC application, so are not relevant here. You’ll want access to either telemetry or dataflash logs from the vehicle.

Hello, Eliot thank you for your reply;

Yes, we will have multiple microcontrollers, specifically, an NVIDIA Jetson Nano and a Raspberry Pi.

I’m having a hard time understanding how BlueOS is supposed to interface with components.
Does it work alongside QGC, Pixhawk, and the firmware on it?

Does it export sensor data only for BlueRobotics components?