I want to know specific meaning of data from BlueROV2 on UDP(MAVLink)

Hi everyone.

I m just making an application, running by C++ language on Qt environment.

and I succeeded to make move my BlueROV2 as i want (just forward or backward and sides).

In this serials of work,I find out the robot need not only heartbeat command also reiterative command
(this mean is you may send same command continuously.)

here is my questions.

for my application, i want to get sensor data from BlueROV2 to make robot move more accurately.

and it is happy BlueROV2 send me sensor data around 10 packet in 1sec without my order.

BUT i cant find any protocol detail.

so where can i find MAVLink protocol details?

and i want to know the MEANING of what ROV2 say to me.

Hello @VanguardReturn,

The mavlink messages are documented here:


Let me know if you need anything else! I would be very interested in seeing your project/code, if you can share it.

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yeah, it is lunar thanksgiving in korea.

after vacation, i could open my code here soon.

thx jacob.

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hi bro,Can you share some code about operating ROV and udp link ? thak you so much