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Dataflash user input parameter

(jakkala kalvik) #1

Which parameter holds the user inputs(ie., throttle, pitch, …) for the rover in the data-flash?

(Jacob) #2

The inputs are in the RCIN message, individual channels are accessed as RCIN.C1, RCIN.C2… etc.

(jakkala kalvik) #3

Isn’t RCIN for PWM signals from a RC Receiver? I want to know what input I gave with my gamepad to the rover during the dive.

(jakkala kalvik) #4

I can get the roll, pitch and yaw from ATT but I am not sure about throttle. CTNU (throttle and altitude information) has a throttle attribute but my dataflash is not recording it. The lable for CTNU is there in my dataflash but the actual data is not recorded during flight. Is there a way to enable this? I know mission planner allows us to choose which things to record but these options are not available when I plugin my pixhawk with ardusub flashed on it. Same goes with QGroundControl there is a parameter to enable recording dataflash but none to pick what gets recorded.

(Jacob) #5

The parameter you are looking for is LOG_BITMASK, it doesn’t appear in the same category as the rest of the logging parameters.

(Jacob) #6

RCIN will also write the input from the joystick, no RC receiver required.


(jakkala kalvik) #7

can you please explain which RCIN channels correspond to which control surfaces.

(Jacob) #8

This is the mapping for ArduSub 3.5:

1: Pitch
2: Roll
3: Throttle
4: Yaw
5: Forward
6: Lateral

This is the mapping for ArduSub 3.4:

1: Pitch
2: Roll
3: Throttle
4: Yaw
5: 'Mode Switch’
6: Forward
7: Lateral

(jakkala kalvik) #9

Awesome. One last question what is the range of each of these values?

(Jacob) #10

In general, 1100 to 1900.