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Loading a waf build with qgc


I was able to build my branch with waf but cannot get it to upload with waf, it hangs at the part where where the bootloader says to connect the pixhawk. I was wondering if there is a way to flash my build through qgc? I couldn’t find instructions but some other posts seemed to insinuate it was possible.

I am on xubuntu 16.04 and also had the same issue on two different virtual machines also running 16.4. I also have access to a Mac and xubuntu 20 if that helps.

Thank you!

Try this:

./waf configure --board="pixhawk1"
./waf sub

It will say the build directory before finishing, in my case it was /home/will/git/ardupilot/build/Pixhawk1

Choose “custom firmware” in QGC:

And the firmware file will be in the /bin directory of the build folder, in my case /home/will/git/ardupilot/build/Pixhawk1/bin/ardusub.apj