Lights position on a ROV

Typically anything that is mounted to the outside on the ROV is a potential snag point that can get stuck into ropes or fishnets. There is also general little or nothing to protect such equipment against impact, scratches and dents.
The typically 4 light setup is an example of this where the two upper lights sits externally on the frame.

I have integrated the lights into the buoyancy to keep them out of harms way and also to prevent them from snagging and potentially trapping the ROV outside rescue reach for a diver.

Please have look at the pictures to get an idea.
Note all buoyancy is still in use but has been cut and moved slightly out of the way of the lights.

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Very cool! This is a nicely done modification. I like it.

I’m curious about the battery enclosure end cap as well. It looks like you have made some modifications there too.


I did move the lights but that is it :slight_smile: The ROV was build for me by JM Robotics and the battery enclosure is a PDU, power distribution unit, that receives 400Volt from the surface, through purpose made tether and top side control unit. A very nice assembly done by JMR


Very nice! It looks great.


Very nicely done! I’ve considered building a topside powered version of the BlueROV2. 400vdc seems to be the “ideal” voltage to use, but the components I’ve found (topside power supply and ROV-side DC to DC converter) were pretty pricey. Did JMR use off the shelf components or design their own?

I believe the top side part is off the shelves, it looks like it. The PDU subsea I believe is custom made. they also had use a different tether as signal over power caused interference when over the fathom. The thrusters gets more “juice” now compared to the battery version. Thether dia 11,5 neutrally buoyant @10msw ( They have their own tether brand now)

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Do you have an address of the company that did your mods please?



I like the battery tube. Looks like similar clips to those in the electronics enclosure. I am a little nervous about how easily each of the battery end caps can be removed and would really like to be able to secure them better