Has anyone mounted lights in the floats?

Has anyone mounted lights into the front of the floats on their BlueROV2? If so would you mind posting some pics and any how-to notes?

You mean something like this:

I had seen some time ago at Fieldwerx and saved. Ask there.


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Pretty much that yes - thanks! We may try to angle the lights slightly upwards.

Hi @HACker,

I haven’t done this, but from a theoretical perspective the main concerns to look out for / account for would be the reduced buoyancy from removing some of the foam, as well as the reduced temperature regulation ability of the enclosed lights (since they’re designed to have water contact with the metal body).

Our Lumens do automatically reduce their brightness if they start to overheat, but if you notice that happening regularly then you’d likely want to make some design changes to improve the cooling :slight_smile:

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