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Followed divers on shipwreck

(Niklas Ekström) #1

First dive with the rov, in the Baltic Sea on a wreck SS Ingrid Horn 25-30 m depth.
I had some problem with communication lost during the dive. Have to figure out why.

Regards Niklas, Sweden

Dive on wreck with divers

(Elisa) #2

Hi Niklas,

Thanks for sharing these photos! They are amazing :heart_eyes: Would you mind if we shared on our socials?

(k.deboer) #3

Great shots and video Niklas!
Those outrigger video lights look great!
Question: Do they retract somehow?

(Niklas Ekström) #4

Hello Elisa,
Yes it was a nice first test of the rov.
You can share on social media if you write my name @dykcharter and photografer @alexdawson

Regards /Niklas

(Niklas Ekström) #5

Yes normally I use them when I dive and film underwater.
The arms have ball joints and can be folded together.