Hello newbie here

Hello everyone
Here is a shot of my first ROV project. I’m still in the testing phase and learning from trial and error “mostly error”
Started this because it looked like something that would fun to do with my grandkids to explore the local lake and fishing holes . I love to build and learn new things and this project has really got me hooked .


Very nice, where did you get those lights?

Bought the lights on Amazon they were originally intended as off road driving lights , they were really cheap less than 20 dollars for the pair and I am very impressed with them. they are all metal and have been water tight down to 30 ft. right out of the box . I am powering them with a single twisted pair of of cat 5 wires not sure of the gauge but very small maybe 26 . Only issue is they are extremely bright and cause a hot spot in the video . I am going to try cutting some sheets of thin white plastic to put on the glass to diffuse the light . Hoping that will help .


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