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Leak sensor message on mavlink

(BongSub,Song) #1

I am making own GUI for specific operation.

so right before,i can parse IMU message or GPS message via mavlink.
(it is quite easy.)

but i cant find leak sensor message in common mavlink manual.

how can i find this kind of message from mavlink?


(Patrick José Pereira) #2


Right now we do not have a message explicit for that, but you can get it with STATUS TEXT message and check if the text contains “Leak Detected”.

(BongSub,Song) #3

thank you so much.

it was very useful!

(BongSub,Song) #4

I found all UDP packet on Mavlink

but i can not find message about STATUS TEXT (#253)

there was only NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT (#251) message containing String data.

could you tell me more?

(Patrick José Pereira) #5


You are going to receive STATUS TEXT when something occurs with the ROV, try to change the gain with your joystick, you should receive a message like: “Gain is 50%”.