Leak sensor message on mavlink

I am making own GUI for specific operation.

so right before,i can parse IMU message or GPS message via mavlink.
(it is quite easy.)

but i cant find leak sensor message in common mavlink manual.

how can i find this kind of message from mavlink?



Right now we do not have a message explicit for that, but you can get it with STATUS TEXT message and check if the text contains “Leak Detected”.

thank you so much.

it was very useful!

I found all UDP packet on Mavlink

but i can not find message about STATUS TEXT (#253)

there was only NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT (#251) message containing String data.

could you tell me more?


You are going to receive STATUS TEXT when something occurs with the ROV, try to change the gain with your joystick, you should receive a message like: “Gain is 50%”.