Checking Leak Sensor status in Pymavlink?

I am trying to read some sensor data through pymavlink. In particular, I want to read the water leakage sensor data as a message. Is there a message that will enable me read this kind of sensor data?

Hi @BennyAmk,

Note that the message is only sent when a status change event occurs, so it will not be received when no changes are happening.

Thanks for the feedback @EliotBR can you kindly let me know how to get access to the text through pymavlink? I seem to only be getting access to messages.

I don’t know what you mean by this. If you receive a STATUSTEXT MAVLink message then it should have a .text field with the text in it.

I understand. Thanks for the assistance

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Hello, maybe this question is documented somewhere but i cant find the answer,
I am using a navigator flight controller with raspberry pi 4 for custom application, i connect the two Leak SOS sensors in their reserved navigator places, i know this communicate with QGroundControl but I am trying to get via python script, I think this should be on SYS_STATUS? I see four possible errors so i dont know the meaning of those errors. Thanks in advance

Hi @German_Ferrando,

I’ve moved your post here because it seems to be on the same topic. Feel free to follow up if your question is still not answered, or if the above thread is not clear.

You’ll need to provide some more context if you want help with this - are they errors you’re receiving from the autopilot, or is your Python program raising exceptions when it tries to run?