Leak alert not working properly

I’m having problems with the leak sensor on a new build. The sensors are connected to the navigator and the Detector Pin is set to Navigator Built-In.

Logic when Dry: Low - No leak alert with or without the test jumper connected.
Logic when Dry: High - Always a leak alert with our without the test jumper connected.

Hi @gcelec,

That’s a known bug with ArduSub 4.1.1-beta1 and 2. It should be ok in the 4.1.0 stable release, and the issue is fixed in the latest development firmware. @williangalvani has mentioned he’ll backport the fix and create a new beta release :slight_smile:

Installing 4.1.0 Stable fixed the leak, but now none of the 3 relay outputs on channels 11, 12 & 15 are working. I disabled them and reset them. Have you any other suggestions?

Thanks Griselda,

We went with the beta Ardusub and no leak sensor. I’ve told our client they need to be really diligent with vacuum testing until the beta fix is released.


Hi @gcelec ,

I have pushed the Beta3 tag with the fix for the leak sensor, but Ardupilot’s server are somewhat (very) slow to build all firmware, so it may take a day or so for it to be available.

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Hi Willian,

Thanks for the update - there’s no rush for it now. The client has taken delivery so we will do a remote update in a couple of weeks.