Water leak problem

before the first dive I wanted to make sure the water leaked sensor worked well.
But I am having issues with it.
when I test it ( by shorten a prob or just by simply put it in the water) it does not seem to work. I don’t get any alarm.
But When I unplug the sensor from AUX 6 on the pixhawk, then I get the alarm coming on.
any idea ?

ps: in the configuration I am setted on Pix aux 6

Hi @eric84200,

It sounds like the sensor itself is likely working, but perhaps the probe isn’t fully plugged in, or is damaged in some way? If the probe(s) and sensor are definitely plugged in properly then I’d recommend you contact support@bluerobotics.com and let them know what’s happening - they may have some additional ideas for what to check, and/or may be able to sort out a replacement if it’s relevant to do so :slight_smile:

Hi Elliot,

Yes they are full plugged and i shorten them by using thé test cable sold in thé water leak package.
I will e-mail them thx :slight_smile: