Sos leak sensor fault?

My BlueROV get a «leak detected» alarm often in the last dives. It occures from 10-50m depth. The alarm comes on, i remove it in the Qgroundcontrol program, and it can be away for about 1-10min before it comes back again. When i was down to 140m depth, i did not get any alarm. Recovered the ROV and had a look in the electronic enclousure on the leak pads, but everything was dry and seems ok.

I actually use toilet paper and wrap around one of the leak conductors a few rounds, then on the second leak sensor conductor, since the pads keep falling off.

Should i try change out the SOS leak sensor board maybe?

Hi @Jhans,

I’m not sure what you mean by “pads” here, but almost certainly they shouldn’t be falling off. If you have a faulty product it’s likely worth contacting to sort that out :slight_smile:

It’s unclear here whether the issues are caused by