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Issues trying to calibrate joystick


After replacing a blown pixhawk, I’ve gone through and reset everything, but am having problems calibrating the Xbox controller. Specifically, I can’t seem to get the joysticks to centre despite going through the calibration procedure a bunch of times…it seems to end up not centred so even when the joystick controllers are left alone (hence when armed, the thrusters spin)

Is there any way to tone down the sensitivity of the controller? OR am I doing or not doing) something dopey?



Just to add, this is what I’m getting after calibration, even though the joysticks are centered:

The ‘axis monitor’ on the right shows the raw positions read from the joystick. You can see that they are relatively close to the center, so the joystick hardware itself looks ok. The larger axis indicators at the top center of the screen show the joystick values after the calibration corrections have been applied. You can see that the indicator for the ‘Lateral’ axis is banged all the way to the left. It appears that you may have goofed a step in the calibration, and moved the stick in the wrong direction, or not held the stick in place for long enough after you displaced it. Please try the calibration again carefully, let us know if you get the same results.

Thanks Jacob - did as you said and all sorted now.


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