Extreme difference in lateral movement

Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help me with the issue I have with lateral control.

My BlueRov Heavy is extremely nervous, even with position hold it jumps to left and right.
I have calibrated the joystick several times but that wasn’t the solution.

The joystick seem to give a lateral signal even when not being touched. So I bought a new Xbox controller, but the lateral movement in QGroundControle looks strange.

I calibrated the new joystick and when I move the joystick to the left the lateral movement is gentle, when I move the joystick just a few mm to the right, it jumps to maximum with the joystick just off center.

Is there a setting to change or solve this?

While calibrating I noticed not all thrusters start turning at the same time, is there a way to calibrate the esc’s so they start and stop at the same time?

I run
QGC 4.2.8
BlueRov Heavy, Vectored_6DOF with Navigator
BlueOs 1.2.0 beta 2
ArduSub 1.4.2(beta)

Water linked DVL A50 Software version 2.4.5


Hi @Lennaert -
It sounds like your joystick is the root of the problem! Can you tell from the joystick page in QgroundControl if the right direction on the relevant joystick is more sensitive than the left, based on the movements of the sliders depicting axis position?

You can also adjust the expo and deadband settings to adjust the sensitivity of the control joysticks…

I would also recommend updating BlueOS to the latest, stable version - 1.2.3 at this time, and ArduSub 4.1.2 (stable.)

The thrusters “starting at the same time” is not possible - they are being triggered to keep the vehicle level and in position, with their throttle values being updated far faster than a human could manually control!

Hi Tony,

Yes to the right is instant full power with minimal movement of the joystick, to the left it acts as normal.

The strange part is it’s the same with the old and the new joystick I just bought