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Interface de ligne électrique Fathom-X

comment brancher les connectiques du câble jaune a l intérieure du boitier Fathom-X et existe t-il un code de couleur car j ai trouvé les 4 paires débranchés.

I think only the blue and white wires should be connected to the fathom-x from the tether, I believe the other 6 wires are for future upgrades.

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Hi @scavdrone, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

@murf is correct - only the blue-white pair should be connected by default, like this:

The additional three pairs are for any extra connections you might want to make at some point later, like using a Ping360 with the RS-485 interface option, or a WaterLinked underwater GPS, or anything else that you’d like :slight_smile:

As a reference, our Ping360 RS-485 Configuration Guide shows an example set of connections:

Bonjour Craig

Merci beaucoup d’avoir répondu à mes questions.
après avoir connecté le bleu blanc comme sur la photo, je n’arrive toujours pas a me connecter a mon BlueRov2 et avoir un retour video.
Bonne journée

Have you followed our BlueROV2 Software Setup Guide? If you’ve already gone through all of that then you might need to look at our troubleshooting steps.