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Fanthom X Tether interface board (LX200VV20) connection to Fanthom-X topside interface

(Marcelo) #1

I need to connect the green connector (labeled tether input) from Single Fathom-X Tether Interface Board to the Fathom-X topside interface.

I am using a 2wire conduits. The instructions of the connector is to solder the wires to pin 1 of the connector attached to the topside unit and connect the other end to the interface board of the ROV. Do these wires have polarity?

The tether interface has a “+” and “-” printed on the PCB.

(Adam) #2

Hi @marcpereira,

The blue and white wire should go to the positive terminal and the solid blue to the negative terminal.


(Marcelo) #3

Could you tell me if the blue/white is soldered to pin1 or pin2 of the connector?

(Adam) #4

The tether to Binder connector wiring diagram and complete tutorial can be found here.