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Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) Connection Details

(Scott W) #1


I have recently purchased a Fathom-X Tether Interface (FXTI) and a couple of the Binder Plugs to go onto a couple of existing tethers (I have a BIRNS Aquamate Connector down on the ROV)

As I have both Cat 6 and Slim tethers I was just looking for a Standard wiring diagram for the pin connections on the Binder to the FXTI to try and make the system uniform (future proofing) similar to what you are doing with the short jump cable from Fathom Spool to the FXTI

Scott W

(Adam) #2

Hi Scott,

You can see soldering instructions with our standard pin/wire connection order in the documentation.


(Scott W) #3

Thanks Adam